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Diagnosis & treatment for all sleep issues.

Whether you simply feel like you can’t get a good rest, or hav been diagnosed with sleep apnea, we can help.

Complete Sleep Health

Diagnostic Testing

Our office is open for home sleep apnea testing and in-lab sleep testing (overnight, MWT, MSLT).


CPAP, BiPAP, servoventilation, oral appliance therapy, negative pressure therapy, surgical therapy, Inspire hypoglossal nerve stimulation are provided at in collaboration with the best providers in the Bay Area.

Virtual & Office Visits

Initial visits are virtual but we may invite you for in-person examination if needed and after the initial video visit.


In the business world today, Pediatric sleep services include evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, as requested by your child’s physician, or by our Pediatric Sleep Specialist, Deepti Sinha, MD.

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